Photo Career/Small Business Ideas

Looking for ways to earn more money with your photos? If you're looking for an opportunity to start your own small business, seeking a career change, or just want to make some extra money on the side, the ideas listed below might help you get started.

Stock Photography
If you have a sense for what sells in a commercial stock photo marketplace, you can earn a solid income from it. Take a look at billboards, magazines, product packaging, and similar things. Can you take photos like that? Are you creative, and can you produce a large number of such photos? If so, stock/microstock may be just the ticket for you.

Documentation Photography
If you can take a clear picture, whether or not it would qualify as "art" or "stock," then you might be interested in documentation photography. This does not require high-end equipment and you can work from home on hours you select.

Portrait Photography
The ability to take good portrait photos and market yourself well can lead to a steady income that is in regular demand in almost every area, plus it allows specialization such as business portraits, celebrity portraits, political campaigns, etc.

Screensavers and Miscellaneous
There are many niche areas of photography that can be lucrative with the right marketing. This link will lead you to information about miscellaneous photo markets that can add up to a good source of revenue.

Freelance Photography
This guide takes a larger look at what you can do as a freelance photographer. It also includes lifetime access to a "VIP Members Area" with features such as an exclusive searchable database of more than 300 magazine markets for freelance photographers and updates on the latest freelance photography news and resources.

According to Rich Dad, Poor Dad, an asset is something that earns you money. Is your camera an asset? The above links can help ensure that it is!