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The eBook Marketplace

In recent years I've been interested in exploring ways to sell electronic books ("ebooks"), either directly through my site or through a third-party site that handles all of the details of sales while taking a cut of each sale. The link above will take you to ClickBank, which is a site that you can use to sell your electronic products for immediate download, but it's not the only site that offers this capability.

Writing up the Wrong Tree?

Maybe I should write a story called The Wrong Tree. Perhaps it should be my autobiography...

Reading To My Young Audience (Again)

As I mentioned in my older blog, I recently read out loud the third draft of novel #5 to my kids, who seemed quite pleased to have it read to them. After I reached the end of that novel, it didn't take them long to request that I read another of my novels to them. So, we agreed to tackle novel #6, even though I warned them that the first draft was not yet finished. One of them decided not to listen in, since she wanted to read the completed work, but I still have two in my audience.

Novels and Annual Goals

Last night, when I should have been sound asleep, I decided to test out an outlining tool that was pre-installed on the Mac that my small business bought for video editing. Since that's about all that computer does (video editing, that is), the outlining tool just sat there, unused, for months on end. Curious, for whatever reason at that odd hour, I fired it up.

The Library Hurdle

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with one of my sisters, who provided me with an inside scoop on getting a book into a public library's collection (or, more accurately, the collection of a library system). It's certainly not as easy as I had sort-of hoped, but I guess I wasn't being realistic. However, given her input, I might actually be able to accomplish it with enough diligence.


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